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84Rodríguez-CanoAbrahamChemical Variations on Titanium Alloys: Merging Surface Chemistry and Drug Delivery for Improved Antibacterial Activity
33GandAdeline, Marie, HélèneFibronectin-based nanofilm biomaterials
11BunkerAlexThe surface of a PEGylated liposome in the bloodstream, what can molecular dynamics simulation tell us?
95TannoAlexanderPlatform for Surface-Mediated Drug Delivery Combined with Neurons Grown on Filter Paper: Towards the Realization of an Artificial Synapse
64LundgrenAndersNanoparticle-assisted self-assembly of functional bio-interfaces: implications of sub-50 nm molecular organization for some classical cell adhesion experiments
86SchäferAndrea IrisTransport of estrogens through synthetic membranes: an engineer's perspective
17DahlinAndreas B.Polymer-Functionalized Nanopores with Electrical and Optical Sensing Mechanisms
31Fraczek-SzczyptaAnetaInteraction between carbon nanotubes and the muscle cells and tissue
88SchipanskiAngelaExperimental approach to study the influence of cell architecture on cellular uptake of engineered nanomaterial
58KunzeAngelikaA combined QCM-D and light microscopy instrument for cell studies
97ValatAnneEfficiency of matrix-bound delivery of BMP-2 for osteogenic differentiation
7BankarAshokGreen Synthesis of Cr2O3 Nanoparticles by Using Marine Yeast
91SimonaBenjaminCoagulation at the Blood-Electrode Interface: The Role of Fibrinogen Desorption
22DielacherBerndMetal nanowires at the solid-liquid interface – A sensing platform combining optical and electrical detection
29FejerskovBetinaSubstrate Mediated Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
49JensenBettina BrøggerEngineering intelligent biointerfaces using physical hydrogels based on poly(vinyl alcohol)
92StokkeBjørn TorgerOligoguluronate induced competitive displacement of alginate-mucin interactions by direct determination of deadhesion work.
27ErgeneCansuAntimicrobial Properties of Boron Nitride (BN) Coating on 316L Grade Steel
101VendrelyCharlottePeptides as biomimetic templates for insulin amyloid aggregates formation on hydrophobic surfaces
63LorenzChrisCollective insertion behavior of influenza fusion peptides in model membranes
73MüllerChristinaEarly cell adhesion on hydrogels with graded stiffness and ligand affinity
69MillanChristopherUse of Schiff Base Linkages for Engineering Cell-Cell and Cell-Tissue Interactions
15ChiappiniCiroInterfacing biodegradable porous silicon nanoneedles with cells
76PatkoDanielLabel-free optical sensor for monitoring biological particles
65MaioloDanieleTuning the protein composition of the nanoparticle corona
36GregurecDanijelaRelating the complexity of the phospholipid-titania interface to surface chemical and physical properties
93StuderDeborahCoated gamma-PGA-Phe nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
16CouletDenisTarget-based drug activity and post-translational and transcriptional analysis using ex vivo Alvetex®Scaffold three-dimensional cell culture technology
72MitkovaDenitsaBending rigidity of charged membranes studied experimentally in aqueous solutions with low pH
96ThakarDhruvDesign of biomimetic surfaces to interrogate the role of glycosaminoglycans in chemokine-induced myoblast behaviour
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