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30FohlerováZdenkaEvaluation of anti-allergic effects using piezoelectric biosensor based on the exocytosis of RBL – 2H3 mast cells
50JingYujiaPhase separated asymmetric supported lipid membranes
14ChenXinyueQuantitative reflection interference contrast microscopy on substrates with multi-layered coatings – a novel tool for the characterization of soft interfaces
62LiuXi-QiuDelivery of the chemokine SDF-1á from polyelectrolyte multilayer films: control of muscle cell migration
98Van RoosmalenWiesSupramolecular chemistry-based manipulation of endothelial cell migration to improve vascular stent re-endothelialization
70MilleretVincentSurface treatment of stent surfaces affects differential blood activation and blood-cell attachment through protein mediated-mechanisms
79PyeshkovaViktoriyaOptimization of Enzyme Multibiosensor System for Simultaneous Carbohydrates Determination
18De LangeVictoriaIn Forward and Reverse: Combining Two Microarray Styles to Pattern Proteins in Three-Dimensions
20DesaiVibhutiDirecting cell adhesion using a naturally sticky protein, Ranaspumin2
59KuvichkinVasilyThe nuclear pore assembly: more physics than biology
37GuptaSwatiSelectivity in Platelet Activation by the Titania Surface
78PurushothamanSowmyaInsights Into the Mechanical Properties of Lipid Bilayers: the role of pressure, chain length, headgroup structure and protein insertion.
46IftemiSorana ElenaSingle-channel investigation of trichogin GA IV activity in reconstituted planar lipid membranes
90SchönwälderSina Maria SiglindeProtein adsorption on thin gelatin-based hydrogel films
56KumarShailabhNanopore Arrays for Improved Sensitivity and Biological Analysis
25EhretSeverinshared with Raphael Zahn: Ultrathin films of artificial FG repeat domains – a gateway for understanding the importance of electrostatic interactions in nuclear transport.
35GonçalvesSaraBacterial Cellulose as a feasible cell carrier for Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Transplantation
42Hernández MejíasSaraSelf-assembly of designed repeat proteins into ordered monolayers and solution polymers
67MauquoySaraElaboration of biomimetic surfaces for a better control of mesenchymal stem cell behavior
82RaySantanuIn-situ measurement of biomolecular adsorption using combined Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) and its application.
1Abdel-HafezSalmaChitosan nanoparticles production: End of the debate
44HorvathRobertLabel-free optical waveguide monitoring of biological films and living cells
61LatourRobertLAMMPS Program Development for the Molecular Simulation of Protein-Surface Interactions
104ZahnRaphaelUltrathin films of artificial FG repeat domains – a gateway for understanding the importance of electrostatic interactions in nuclear transport.
40HathoutRaniaChitosan nanoparticles production: End of the debate
89SchochRafaelNon-Interacting Molecules as Innate Structural Probes in Surface Plasmon Resonance
80RajendranPrayankaDirect oligonucleotide quantification using gold nanoparticles as high avidity nanosensors
60LabbéPierreA new biosensor for the detection of low molecular weight compounds based on immobilized aptamer conformational change transduction: a QCM-D and SPR study
9BealesPaulInvestigating Nanomaterial – Biomembrane Interactions using Giant Unilamellar Vesicles as Model Systems
83RoachPaulSystematic Study of Neural Stem Cell and Precursor Response to Surface Properties
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