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81RateraImma2D Microscale Engineering of Novel Protein based Nanoparticles for Cell Guidance
58KunzeAngelikaA combined QCM-D and light microscopy instrument for cell studies
75ParsonsEdwardA direct method for measuring interactions between adhesion proteins that are laterally mobile within model membranes.
100VelezMariselaA force generating living polymer acting on lipid surfaces: experiments and theory to understand how it works
39HammadMoamenA high throughput strategy for studying protein pre-adsorption to materials developed for stem cell culture
60LabbéPierreA new biosensor for the detection of low molecular weight compounds based on immobilized aptamer conformational change transduction: a QCM-D and SPR study
103WittenbergNathanA Recombinant Human IgM that Promotes Neurite Outgrowth Binds to Gangliosides in Supported Lipid Bilayers
41HeathGeorgeAFM of supported lipid Bilayers: From Critical Point Behaviour to Actin Polymerization
27ErgeneCansuAntimicrobial Properties of Boron Nitride (BN) Coating on 316L Grade Steel
35GonçalvesSaraBacterial Cellulose as a feasible cell carrier for Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Transplantation
72MitkovaDenitsaBending rigidity of charged membranes studied experimentally in aqueous solutions with low pH
55KuforijiFolashadeBiological accumulation at surfaces: from single to multiple proteins and cell mediation of the protein layer
99Van WeerdJasperBiomaterial supported lipid bilayer: Towards tunable cell interfaces
34GildeFloraBiomimetic films as reservoirs for rhBMP-2
51JuneschJulianeBiosensing using suspended plasmonic nanopores
43HoffeckerIanCell LEGO
2AlmodovarJorgeCellular Response on Matrix-Bound Growth Factor Gradients and Stiffness Gradients Generated on Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films
85SahafHoudaChemical functionalization for Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging of neural networks activity
84Rodríguez-CanoAbrahamChemical Variations on Titanium Alloys: Merging Surface Chemistry and Drug Delivery for Improved Antibacterial Activity
1Abdel-HafezSalmaChitosan nanoparticles production: End of the debate
40HathoutRaniaChitosan nanoparticles production: End of the debate
91SimonaBenjaminCoagulation at the Blood-Electrode Interface: The Role of Fibrinogen Desorption
93StuderDeborahCoated gamma-PGA-Phe nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
26EiseleNicoCohesiveness tunes assembly and morphology of FG nucleoporin domain meshworks – Implications for nuclear pore permeability
63LorenzChrisCollective insertion behavior of influenza fusion peptides in model membranes
71MissirlisDimitrisCombined effects of substrate elasticity and cell-adhesive coating on fibroblast adhesion and migration.
8BanoFouziaControlling and modulating ssDNA-Au interactions at the single-molecule level
87SchiopuIrinaCopper(II) binding to a histidine - containing chimera peptide: a single protein nanopore study
62LiuXi-QiuDelivery of the chemokine SDF-1á from polyelectrolyte multilayer films: control of muscle cell migration
96ThakarDhruvDesign of biomimetic surfaces to interrogate the role of glycosaminoglycans in chemokine-induced myoblast behaviour
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