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69MillanChristopherUse of Schiff Base Linkages for Engineering Cell-Cell and Cell-Tissue Interactions
104ZahnRaphaelUltrathin films of artificial FG repeat domains – a gateway for understanding the importance of electrostatic interactions in nuclear transport.
65MaioloDanieleTuning the protein composition of the nanoparticle corona
86SchäferAndrea IrisTransport of estrogens through synthetic membranes: an engineer's perspective
19DemkoLaszloTowards a fully flexible system for studying hybrid networks with controlled topology
77PautheEmmanuelThin Films Biomaterials: Mechanical Properties, Biomolecular Adsorption and Cellular Adhesion
11BunkerAlexThe surface of a PEGylated liposome in the bloodstream, what can molecular dynamics simulation tell us?
59KuvichkinVasilyThe nuclear pore assembly: more physics than biology
48JaatinenLeenaThe Effect of Electric Current on the Cell Adhesion Forces Quantified by Fluidic Force Microscopy
47IusterNoaThe effect of cross-linking on the frictional behavior of polymer brushes
16CouletDenisTarget-based drug activity and post-translational and transcriptional analysis using ex vivo Alvetex®Scaffold three-dimensional cell culture technology
83RoachPaulSystematic Study of Neural Stem Cell and Precursor Response to Surface Properties
70MilleretVincentSurface treatment of stent surfaces affects differential blood activation and blood-cell attachment through protein mediated-mechanisms
98Van RoosmalenWiesSupramolecular chemistry-based manipulation of endothelial cell migration to improve vascular stent re-endothelialization
29FejerskovBetinaSubstrate Mediated Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
23DörigPabloStudying cells and colloids with FluidFM
45HuetGillesStudy of antibodies adsorption to improve their orientation for diagnostic purpose
66MarieEmmanuelleStimuli-responsive polymer coating for tunable cell adhesion
46IftemiSorana ElenaSingle-channel investigation of trichogin GA IV activity in reconstituted planar lipid membranes
25EhretSeverinshared with Raphael Zahn: Ultrathin films of artificial FG repeat domains – a gateway for understanding the importance of electrostatic interactions in nuclear transport.
42Hernández MejíasSaraSelf-assembly of designed repeat proteins into ordered monolayers and solution polymers
37GuptaSwatiSelectivity in Platelet Activation by the Titania Surface
13ChalbiMyriamRole of sperm protein Izumo in gamete adhesion
36GregurecDanijelaRelating the complexity of the phospholipid-titania interface to surface chemical and physical properties
6BallyMartaRecognition of cellular membranes by viruses: the role of cell-surface sugars probed with artificial membranes
14ChenXinyueQuantitative reflection interference contrast microscopy on substrates with multi-layered coatings – a novel tool for the characterization of soft interfaces
3Alvarez De EulateEvaProtein detection and identification via electrochemistry at liquid – liquid interfaces
90SchönwälderSina Maria SiglindeProtein adsorption on thin gelatin-based hydrogel films
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