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31Fraczek-SzczyptaAnetaInteraction between carbon nanotubes and the muscle cells and tissue
32GãekenKristianLocalized surface plasmon resonance based sensing for pathogen detection
33GandAdeline, Marie, HélèneFibronectin-based nanofilm biomaterials
34GildeFloraBiomimetic films as reservoirs for rhBMP-2
35GonçalvesSaraBacterial Cellulose as a feasible cell carrier for Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Transplantation
36GregurecDanijelaRelating the complexity of the phospholipid-titania interface to surface chemical and physical properties
37GuptaSwatiSelectivity in Platelet Activation by the Titania Surface
39HammadMoamenA high throughput strategy for studying protein pre-adsorption to materials developed for stem cell culture
40HathoutRaniaChitosan nanoparticles production: End of the debate
41HeathGeorgeAFM of supported lipid Bilayers: From Critical Point Behaviour to Actin Polymerization
42Hernández MejíasSaraSelf-assembly of designed repeat proteins into ordered monolayers and solution polymers
43HoffeckerIanCell LEGO
44HorvathRobertLabel-free optical waveguide monitoring of biological films and living cells
45HuetGillesStudy of antibodies adsorption to improve their orientation for diagnostic purpose
46IftemiSorana ElenaSingle-channel investigation of trichogin GA IV activity in reconstituted planar lipid membranes
47IusterNoaThe effect of cross-linking on the frictional behavior of polymer brushes
48JaatinenLeenaThe Effect of Electric Current on the Cell Adhesion Forces Quantified by Fluidic Force Microscopy
49JensenBettina BrøggerEngineering intelligent biointerfaces using physical hydrogels based on poly(vinyl alcohol)
50JingYujiaPhase separated asymmetric supported lipid membranes
51JuneschJulianeBiosensing using suspended plasmonic nanopores
52KamudzanduMunyaradziDeveloping a neuronal circuitry in vitro: towards therapies for Huntington’s disease
53KeneseiKataDetection of fluorescent nanoparticles in biological material by fluorescence spectrum analysis
54Klein GunnewiekMichelGradient polymer brushes for tissue engineering: From 2D to 3D systems.
55KuforijiFolashadeBiological accumulation at surfaces: from single to multiple proteins and cell mediation of the protein layer
56KumarShailabhNanopore Arrays for Improved Sensitivity and Biological Analysis
57KumorekMartaFabrication of multilayered assembly for FGF-2 delivery
58KunzeAngelikaA combined QCM-D and light microscopy instrument for cell studies
59KuvichkinVasilyThe nuclear pore assembly: more physics than biology
60LabbéPierreA new biosensor for the detection of low molecular weight compounds based on immobilized aptamer conformational change transduction: a QCM-D and SPR study
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