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61LatourRobertLAMMPS Program Development for the Molecular Simulation of Protein-Surface Interactions
62LiuXi-QiuDelivery of the chemokine SDF-1á from polyelectrolyte multilayer films: control of muscle cell migration
63LorenzChrisCollective insertion behavior of influenza fusion peptides in model membranes
64LundgrenAndersNanoparticle-assisted self-assembly of functional bio-interfaces: implications of sub-50 nm molecular organization for some classical cell adhesion experiments
65MaioloDanieleTuning the protein composition of the nanoparticle corona
66MarieEmmanuelleStimuli-responsive polymer coating for tunable cell adhesion
67MauquoySaraElaboration of biomimetic surfaces for a better control of mesenchymal stem cell behavior
68MiglioriniElisaGlycosaminoglycan-presenting surfaces to study lymphocyte trafficking during immune response.
69MillanChristopherUse of Schiff Base Linkages for Engineering Cell-Cell and Cell-Tissue Interactions
70MilleretVincentSurface treatment of stent surfaces affects differential blood activation and blood-cell attachment through protein mediated-mechanisms
71MissirlisDimitrisCombined effects of substrate elasticity and cell-adhesive coating on fibroblast adhesion and migration.
72MitkovaDenitsaBending rigidity of charged membranes studied experimentally in aqueous solutions with low pH
73MüllerChristinaEarly cell adhesion on hydrogels with graded stiffness and ligand affinity
74PaceHudsonDeveloping Tools for Cellular Membrane Biophysics and Separations
75ParsonsEdwardA direct method for measuring interactions between adhesion proteins that are laterally mobile within model membranes.
76PatkoDanielLabel-free optical sensor for monitoring biological particles
77PautheEmmanuelThin Films Biomaterials: Mechanical Properties, Biomolecular Adsorption and Cellular Adhesion
78PurushothamanSowmyaInsights Into the Mechanical Properties of Lipid Bilayers: the role of pressure, chain length, headgroup structure and protein insertion.
79PyeshkovaViktoriyaOptimization of Enzyme Multibiosensor System for Simultaneous Carbohydrates Determination
80RajendranPrayankaDirect oligonucleotide quantification using gold nanoparticles as high avidity nanosensors
81RateraImma2D Microscale Engineering of Novel Protein based Nanoparticles for Cell Guidance
82RaySantanuIn-situ measurement of biomolecular adsorption using combined Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) and its application.
83RoachPaulSystematic Study of Neural Stem Cell and Precursor Response to Surface Properties
84Rodríguez-CanoAbrahamChemical Variations on Titanium Alloys: Merging Surface Chemistry and Drug Delivery for Improved Antibacterial Activity
85SahafHoudaChemical functionalization for Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging of neural networks activity
86SchäferAndrea IrisTransport of estrogens through synthetic membranes: an engineer's perspective
87SchiopuIrinaCopper(II) binding to a histidine - containing chimera peptide: a single protein nanopore study
88SchipanskiAngelaExperimental approach to study the influence of cell architecture on cellular uptake of engineered nanomaterial
89SchochRafaelNon-Interacting Molecules as Innate Structural Probes in Surface Plasmon Resonance
90SchönwälderSina Maria SiglindeProtein adsorption on thin gelatin-based hydrogel films
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