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91SimonaBenjaminCoagulation at the Blood-Electrode Interface: The Role of Fibrinogen Desorption
92StokkeBjørn TorgerOligoguluronate induced competitive displacement of alginate-mucin interactions by direct determination of deadhesion work.
93StuderDeborahCoated gamma-PGA-Phe nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
94SugiharaKaoriLipid nanotubes and their biological applications
95TannoAlexanderPlatform for Surface-Mediated Drug Delivery Combined with Neurons Grown on Filter Paper: Towards the Realization of an Artificial Synapse
96ThakarDhruvDesign of biomimetic surfaces to interrogate the role of glycosaminoglycans in chemokine-induced myoblast behaviour
97ValatAnneEfficiency of matrix-bound delivery of BMP-2 for osteogenic differentiation
98Van RoosmalenWiesSupramolecular chemistry-based manipulation of endothelial cell migration to improve vascular stent re-endothelialization
99Van WeerdJasperBiomaterial supported lipid bilayer: Towards tunable cell interfaces
100VelezMariselaA force generating living polymer acting on lipid surfaces: experiments and theory to understand how it works
101VendrelyCharlottePeptides as biomimetic templates for insulin amyloid aggregates formation on hydrophobic surfaces
102VörösJanosNeuroprosthetic epidural electrical stimulator to regain motor control after spinal cord injury
103WittenbergNathanA Recombinant Human IgM that Promotes Neurite Outgrowth Binds to Gangliosides in Supported Lipid Bilayers
104ZahnRaphaelUltrathin films of artificial FG repeat domains – a gateway for understanding the importance of electrostatic interactions in nuclear transport.
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